Hi darlings, I'm Clara -- Welcome to Southern Thintellect. My story began in the cornfields and blue skies of northern Indiana, but several years ago I made the decision to move south to beautiful, Nashville, Tennessee.

What is Southern Thintellect?

Made-up words are fun (e.g., hattitude, eloquacious, huggle). Once the name crossed my mind, there was no shaking it. Put simply, it's how my brain translated my desire to share stories about wellness, food and life in general from my vantage point in the "south".

Truthfully, this space is meant to be a place where I can explore what it is to live well & thoughtfully. For as long as I care to remember, that has meant cultivating the mindset to appreciate the intrinsic value which comes through understanding how best to care for myself. I like to be silly, appreciate the little things, 
enjoy a good nip of wine, and relish every opportunity to tell someone thank you.

I'm lovestruck with where life has brought me. Everyday, I'm grateful to be able to live in a place where everything is new and old and at the same time constantly evolving.

I'm always looking for new inspiration so hang out with me and have a little fun -- I certainly intend to.


  1. I love the photo of you with the bottle of wine. I think we'd be BFFs if I only lived in Nashville ;)

  2. I was born and raised in Franklin :) Love and miss Nashville all the time!