Sep 23, 2014

All I Can Say is... Donuts

Hi darlings, it's been awhile.

I'm elated to report that my hiatus from writing has run its course. I can point to a lot of reasons why I gave it a rest. I was tired, over-stressed, going through a career change, burnt out on running and so on and so forth. The reasons I stopped for awhile aren't really that important right now. I'd rather focus on the simple facts at hand:

I'm happy, rejuvenated and really can't wait to make this delicious recipe again...

My version of Taylor's copycat Paleo Donuts. Because:
  1. It's finally fall in Nashville
  2. Donuts
  3. Paleo donuts?
  4. P.S. they really are quite good.
Thank you for reading & have a wonderful day!

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