Sep 30, 2014

This Morning's Mantra

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Hi darlings,

Today I started my morning with a run and a grateful mantra: Appreciate this moment.

It helped me see the trees along my familiar running path in a better light, it helped me thoroughly appreciate how cute that puppy was on one of his very first morning walks, it helped me thoughtfully analyze the negative thoughts that ran across my brain on the drive to work. It helped me a lot today, and I think that makes it worth sharing.

What about you? What's your mantra in this moment?

Sep 23, 2014

All I Can Say is... Donuts

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Hi darlings, it's been awhile.

I'm elated to report that my hiatus from writing has run its course. I can point to a lot of reasons why I gave it a rest. I was tired, over-stressed, going through a career change, burnt out on running and so on and so forth. The reasons I stopped for awhile aren't really that important right now. I'd rather focus on the simple facts at hand:

I'm happy, rejuvenated and really can't wait to make this delicious recipe again...

My version of Taylor's copycat Paleo Donuts. Because:
  1. It's finally fall in Nashville
  2. Donuts
  3. Paleo donuts?
  4. P.S. they really are quite good.
Thank you for reading & have a wonderful day!