Feb 18, 2014

Whole30 Treats (and not the paleo kind)

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

As discussed in my recent post, I successfully completed the Whole30 program in January. At the outset, I promised myself a substantially fabulous reward if I managed to pull off a whole month of eating at least 95% paleo. Well I did (see some of my scrumptious paleo eats below) and today I'm sharing how I celebrated this personal victory!

I couldn't think of a better way to share how I treated myself after Whole30 than to link up with Becky @ Olives 'n' Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday. I totally share the notion that we should all make time to treat ourselves every day, even in the smallest of ways, and her TYT parties are ever so much fun :)

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

Celebratory Belgian Waffles...
Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, so what better to break my paleo streak than a breakfast date? On the morning of day 31, we noshed on blueberry & nutella waffles at an adorable teeny-tiny restaurant called Perch.

Alcohol... (Lots of it!)
Specifically, Matt treated me with a bottle of our favorite rare bourbon, I picked up the main ingredients for Tennessee breakfast shots, a bottle of Disaronno and an old favorite, Dogfish Head. Namaste indeed! If you've never tried breakfast shots, I'd definitely recommend them, they taste just like pancakes :))

Recipe: [Tennessee] Breakfast Shots
  • 1/2 shot of Jack Daniels' Tennessee Whiskey mixed with 1/2 shot of butterscotch liquor
    • (you can use a different whiskey of your choice, but Jack Daniels is what makes them true TN breakfast shots)
  • Chase the shot of whiskey/butterscotch with orange juice.
  • Take a bite of bacon!

A new tank top...
This treat is a nod to my ever-growing appreciation for craft beer. I got it in the lemon tri-blend color!

Real Girls Drink Beer Racerback Tank Tri-Blend Womens American Apparel S, M, L

Inventory Liquidation Cuteness from Steinmart...
I was tipped off that a Steinmart around town was liquidating all their inventory (it's being replaced by a Nordstrom Rack, hooray!) so I ventured over there and  found some seriously amazing and frivolous practical stuff. A geometric pillow that I love paired with my hand-sewn polka dot pillows, mini ramekins and lots of fun wine & beer-themed napkins!

A jewelry tribute to the south...
A mirrored necklace in the shape of Tennessee (too fabulous NOT to buy). It's still in the process of being made, but I love that Jewel Mint makes sure you know that certain hand-crafted items are worth the wait.

A Foot-Operated Tire Pump for my Bicycle...
My tires have been embarrassingly flat since October, but not anymore! This $10 TJ Maxx find was exactly the kind of treat I was looking for, and now I can't wait for the weather to cooperate so I can get back out there on my bike.

& Another Year of Amazon Prime!
We've had amazon prime for the past year and I can't say how great it is to just know that stuff you buy online will be at your doorstep in two business days max. Something I more recently discovered is that with a prime subscription you get "amazon prime instant" streaming access to not only movies and shows, but some pretty kickass workout videos! I tried out Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown this morning and she totally kicked my out-of-practice yogi butt.

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Thanks for reading & remember to treat yourself daily, even in the teeny-tiniest ways!

How have you treated yourself lately? Do you use Amazon Prime Instant workout videos?

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  1. What a great variety of treats! I always feel like all my treats are chocolate related, haha. But these are all such great ones! Congrats again on the Whole30 challenge. HUGE kudos to you, girl!

  2. I love beer and waffles. Those go together right? Awesome shirt!

  3. Love these treats....why do I always run to alcohol as my first treat too? lol. And seriously what did we do before life without Amazon Prime? Who needs to leave the house anymore? :P

  4. Thanks, Alexis! Chocolate treats are the best treats <3

  5. Is that even a question? Yes, yes, and yes!

  6. Not me for another year! And I'm with you, boozy delights are kind of my go to treat. Skipping on alcohol was BY FAR the hardest part of the Whole30 challenge!