Feb 13, 2014

Happy Tip: Identify What You Don't Need

Hi darlins'! Let's talk happy thoughts :)

I strongly believe happiness is all about your attitude, and it's so much easier to have a great attitude if you simplify your outlook on what's most important. For example, I've recently come to terms with the fact that I don't need a gym membership to be pleased with a workout and that sleep is the best essential! There's so much more I'm capable of with at least 7 hours under my belt (not the typical 4-5 hrs I've been getting lately).

coffee size & sleep translation :)  Truth!

Oh, heck, let's just do an all-around attitude improvement exercise!

What are 7 things I don't need?

1. the coffee
2. the gym membership
3. the heated seats in my car
4. facebook
5. the expensive valentine's day/birthday/christmas gifts
6. HBO OnDemand (that one was so hard to type)
7. makeup

What are 7 things that really matter?

(I can't help myself, she's so FLUFFY)

1. hugging Mojo every day
3. every morning saying I love you & have a great day
4. being a good friend
5. eating fruit
6. appreciating nature
7. hugs

What things could you live without and what's really important to you? What's something that has made you happy today? :)

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