Jan 24, 2014

Guest Posting Over At Sunday Morning Pint

Hi darlins'! It's really great to see ya here!

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm guest posting (for the first time ever) at Sunday Morning Pint today! (*whisper scream*) 

These chums are some of my nearest & dearest friends and I'm really happy they asked me to contribute a post on pairing craft beer with a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for having me SMP!

For anyone who enjoys a tasty brew now and again or a healthy dose of football (not the American kind), I urge you to check out SMP's in-depth craft beer reviews & commentaries on the sport.

As the girlfriend of a particularly passionate craft beer lover, it's been a challenge incorporating my ever-expanding appreciation of brews with my desire to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but with 16 oz. of self-discipline it most certainly can be done.

I hope you check out my post and I'll see you around here again soon!

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