Jan 31, 2014

Newest Foodie Pal: Brooklyn Locavore

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Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

I was lucky enough to be paired up with another winner-of-a-foodie-pen-pal this month and swapped boxes of foodie goodies with Melissa at Brooklyn Locavore. Her recipes look divine, she's definitely got a new reader in me, I'd encourage y'all to check 'em out!

The Lean Green Bean

Now for what I'm sure you're really wanting to know... what wonderful things Melissa sent me this month!

Jan 30, 2014

4 Fit February Habits Challenge

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Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

Since taking on the Whole30 challenge this month was so awesome, I thought hey, why not try to challenge myself in some new & amazing way in February??

And so my idea for 4 Fit February Habits was born!

It's really simple actually (aren't all the best things?) and it's just about fitting in small healthy habits every day:

And that's it! Think you'd like to join in? If you do just holler at me with the #4FitHabits!!!

Thanks for reading!!

----> Are you gonna join in??

Jan 27, 2014

So Many New Things

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

Heavens it's been awhile since I've been around, hasn't it?? Though my guest post last week can technically count as being here, right? I vote yes :)

That being said, I have some fun new things in my world to share...

New Twitter & Instagram handle!
In my efforts to freshen up Southern Thintellect's look, I'm introducing a new twitter & instagram name: @SouthernThin

So now you know, that's not a stranger, it's your faithful blogging/tweeting/instagramming friend Clara!

It's my last week of the Whole30 Challenge!
A lot has been going on since I was last regularly posting. If you follow me on social media you've probably been seeing my pictures from my 1st attempt to complete the Whole30 challenge. I'm currently 26 days in, and it's been a fabulous journey thus far. Stay tuned for a recap of my Whole30 experience come February.

New Kicks!
Proudly featured in Southern Thintellect's new header are my latest pair of running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Elixir 8 in Blue/Orange and let's just say... so far they're pretty freaking great. I'd like to give them a little more time & mileage before I post a full review, but stayed tuned for that too.

What's new with you?
Any of you dabbled with Whole30? How'd it go??

Thanks for reading & have a fabulous start to your week!

Jan 24, 2014

Guest Posting Over At Sunday Morning Pint

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Hi darlins'! It's really great to see ya here!

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm guest posting (for the first time ever) at Sunday Morning Pint today! (*whisper scream*) 

These chums are some of my nearest & dearest friends and I'm really happy they asked me to contribute a post on pairing craft beer with a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for having me SMP!