Dec 17, 2013

Tips for Newbie Skiers

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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In my last post, I let y'all know about our little Denver ski trip plans for over the weekend, and I admitted to being a little nervous because I'm a total skiing novice. Well, in a nutshell, our day of skiing was fabulous! It may have got off on a rocky start, but after all the tumbling & then learning from those mistakes I now feel so much more confident in my abilities on the slopes.
There are definitely some things that would have been helpful to know beforehand, so I'd love to share those with y'all now:

1. Positive Thinking & Confidence are KEY {image source}
I can be incredibly stubborn & competitive when trying new things, so when I wasn't immediately "good" at skiing I got pretty discouraged. Luckily, when I tumbled and bumbled, Matt was there to remind me that I could do it. Once the negativity was out of my system, the whole experience was so much more fun!

2. It's OK if you fall down, just smile and pick yourself back up!

3. Don't Rush the Lift
Take your time and watch how people get on properly before attempting to hop on yourself. Scooting up to the line before you're ready can lead to some ugly tangle-ups with skis, poles and legs that could leave you (and your pride) hurting.

4. Turning Uphill is a Great Way to Slow Down
I heard an instructor giving this advice to her group of kiddie ski students while they were making their slow S's down the mountain and it worked really well for me when I put it into practice. Before that, I had only been making a plow (/ \) with my skis to slow down, but I found the uphill turns can be much more effective (and much less goofy looking).

5. Don't Compare Yourself to Kids 
Just don't. Their center of gravity is so freaking low there is no way you can compare, so there's no need to feel inadequate if you can't keep up with the pipsqueaks!
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Hopefully it won't be too long before we can hit the slopes again, I felt like such a bad@$$ by the end of our skiing adventure! If you follow me on Instagram, you've may have already seen this shot from Saturday... pretty gnar I'd say :)
Thank you for reading!!

If you're a newbie to skiing... did you find these tips helpful?

If you've skied before... do you have any tips to add?


  1. I haven't skied in ages but am thinking of going this winter! Thanks for the helpful tips :)

  2. you're very welcome Danielle, good luck with your ski trip if you go!