Dec 2, 2013

Starting the Week on a Healthier Note

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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Happy Monday! I'm still recovering from the magically lazy and treat-filled holiday weekend and I could really use buckets of motivation to get back on track with my Goals of the Moment right now. In that spirit, let's chat on some marvelous goals, shall we?
pile on the miles 2013 thumb Pile on the Miles 2013–5th Annual Challenge!

Pile on the Miles 2013 Recap

Goal: Run/Walk 75 miles in November
Actual Result: Ran/Walked 52.1 miles

Given that this mileage goal included running my first marathon I'd say it was pretty ambitious, but that's ok! The big goal kept me moving a lot more than I probably would have without it during the second half of November.

elf4health headerY2 Elf for Health

Elf4Health Week 1 Thursday-Sunday Recap

(Read my recap of Monday-Wednesday here)

Thursday - Call Someone to Tell Them You're Grateful for Them
My family was up in good ol' Indiana for Thanksgiving so I gave my Mom (and through a chain reaction of hand offs also my Dad and little sister) a call to let her them know how thankful I am to have her them in my life. My family rocks :)

Friday - Track Your Water Intake
Oddly enough, I never carry a water bottle, but it was surprisingly easy to do even in a slew of Black Friday shopping mania (hint to self, do this more often). I ended up drinking over 80 oz which made me quite happy.
Saturday - Treat Yourself to Something You've Been Wanting
3 words: Boardwalk Empire marathon. Can someone please tell me how every '20s gangster portrayed can be so sexy?? (Yes, strangely enough, even Nucky.)

Sunday - 100 Burpee Challenge
Whelp -- didn't quite make this one happen. Somewhere around the 20th burpee Boardwalk Empire took my full attention again... sorry for partying.

Other Marvelous Things:

All the delicious food that made its way into my tummy over the holiday...
Starting the week off on a Healthy Note (i.e., food prep & a solid monday morning workout)!
Christmas Decorations... 'nuff said.
That's all for now, I hope you're having a marvelous start to your week!
Are you participating in Elf4Health? How'd your 1st week go?

Do you carry a water bottle with you everywhere?

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