Dec 11, 2013

Here today, Denver tomorrow

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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When you're looking forward to a really cool weekend trip doesn't the beginning of the week always seem to go by sooooooo slowly?? Well, this week was certainly no exception, and I'm so excited to fly out to Colorado tomorrow! I'm traveling for work, but Matt and I will also be staying for a weekend funpalooza. Is that a word? It is now :)

For starters, we'll be rocking the ridiculously over-the-top amazingly cool furry hats we recently purchased at H&M. Obviously.

And after the business aspect of the trip is out of the way, oh how the fun shall begin!

Whilst work is still keeping my Friday morning busy, Matt will be driving himself up to Fort Collins to tour the New Belgium Brewery. Apparently, it's one of the best brewery tours in the country (as if he needed an excuse to gawk at craft beer).

On that same note, once I'm free-and-clear of meetings I'm heading straight to downtown Denver to the Molly Brown House Museum to gape at some history and learn more about the fabulous woman who raised quite a few eyebrows on-and-off the Titanic. Childhood Tidbit: My family probably checked out 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown' on VHS from our hometown library more than anyone else... like ever.

As for what I envision the rest of the weekend holding once Matt & I meet back up...

Soooo Much Delicious Food
Yep, close enough!

Gobs of absurdly beautiful nature
Colorado Winter

Craft beer, and then some more craft beer and then more craft beer after that!
I like the sentiment, though this would only be true if drinking organic non-GMO craft beer from brewers like Sierra Nevada.

Being totally mentally unprepared for awesome at skiing

All jokes aside, I'm actually pretty nervous about the whole skiing thing. Adjectives describing my previous experiences with the sport would range from scant to traumatizing... so there's that. Fortunately, Matt is a very competent skier and he's promised to take good care of me!

Thanks so much for stopping by & I'll see you on the other side of the continental divide!

~ Do you like to ski?

~ Any tips for skiing newbies?


  1. Amy @ Long Drive JourneyDecember 17, 2013 8:19 AM

    Haha have a great trip girl! I've never been skiing either. I want to try but I'm slightly afraid that I'll crash into a tree or something.

  2. Thanks girl, we had a blast! I was a little petrified of that myself but everything worked out fine and no broken bones :))