Dec 4, 2013

Call Me Panda

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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Interested in some random fun that'll waste be a valuable use of 5 minutes of your time? You're in luck! Yesterday I was searching for a personality test for my cat happened upon this nifty thing called the P.E.T.S. Personality Profile. Basically, you select a series of self-descriptive adjectives and based on your choices you're matched up with one of four animals that supposedly best fits your personality. How accurate is it? Well, let's see...

Here are the adjectives I circled in each row:
Considerate (P)
Inventive (T)
Competitive (S)
Philosophical (T)
Empathetic (P)
Animated (S)
Devoted (P)
Active (S)
Organized (E)
Rational (T)
Inspirational (P)
Responsible (E)
Curious (T)
Affectionate (P)
Seeking (T)
Friendly (P)
Decisive (T)
Disciplined (E)
Warm (P)
Adventurous (4)

Count 'em and that's 7 Ps, 3 Es, 6 Ts and 4 Ss. According to this analysis, I'm most like a Panda (but also a lot like a tiger which makes me happy because tigers are my favorite).

Panda (i.e., most words circled in the first column)

Some adjectives that describe you: enthusiastic, sympathetic, compassionate, warm, friendly, idealistic, spiritual, sincere, peaceful, flexible, imaginative, harmonious, empathic, sensitive, cooperative

Your strengths: you have a peaceful nature and naturally get along well with others; you are artistic and creative; you will go out of your way to help other people; others feel comfortable confiding in you; you are good at making sure everyone in a group feels welcome and included; you never forget to praise and thank others for doing a good job; you’re comfortable handing other people’s emotions (and in fact, encourage them); you are a true team player

Things you don’t like: conflict and disharmony; mean people; forced competitions; when consideration for people isn’t the highest guiding principle of a situation; the feeling that your concerns aren’t being listened to or are being actively ignored; people who take advantage of your generosity and willingness to help

What others may not like about you: can be seen as too emotional or overly sensitive; may seem flaky; may appear indecisive; can be hesitant to make decisions or changes that others do not agree with

Ideas for interacting with others: being more assertive and direct; not letting others take advantage of you; being more open to change


Soooo after reading the breakdown of what "Pandas" are like, I gotta say... it's pretty dead on. Such a fun use of a few minutes!

Thanks for reading and have a great day y'all : )

Take the test & let me know what animal you are! Do you agree with the results?

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