Nov 8, 2013

5 Ways To Prepare For Your Upcoming Race

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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Tomorrow morning is my first full marathon... *insert massive whisper scream*

As I'm mentally & physically preparing myself for what I'm sure will be an epic & fabulous run, I'd like to share my tips on gearing up for a race (no matter the distance):

1. Don't Change Up Your Eating Routines Too Drastically
This lesson was learned the hard way. I thought doubling up on my breakfast(s) yesterday was a brilliant beginning to a two-day carb load. False. All that got me was bloating and a massive blood sugar drop that knocked me out hard around 3pm and scared the daylights outta me. Tune out all the jargon advice and stick to what you know!

2. Recall Why You Wanted To Do This
Taking a minute to write down the reasons I want to accomplish a race goal really helps put things in perspective. Visualizing your rationale is a great way to confirm that you're doing this for the right reasons.

3. Trust Your Training
The hard part is over, you're already a winner, just go and have fun!

4. Stay Positive
When I start to get the nervous jitters and run through the negative what-ifs in my head on repeat, I breathe, and think about all the things that could go right instead of what could go wrong with my race.

5. Have a Next Step
Goals always seem easier to accomplish when you think of them as a stepping stone to something else. Before you even head into your next race/challenge have a target in mind for something you'd like to tackle next.

What ways do you prepare mentally for a race?

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  1. My previous comment may or may not have gone through, but if it did you just get EXTRA wishes. GOOD LUCK!!!! You have worked so hard for this and you're going to dominate the race! Enjoy and let us know the good news!!