Nov 26, 2013

1st Blogiversary

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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Seriously?! It's been an entire year since Southern Thintellect entered the wonderful, magical world of healthy livin' blogging?? That's just banana sandwich. Pure, unadulterated crazy town. In the spirit of Treat Yourself Tuesday, this photo should illustrate how I plan on treating myself tonight...
A reflection on the past 12 whirlwind months...

Some things I've learned:
Kickboxing isn't my thing.
Craft beer and childrens' museums are an AMAZING combination.
Relay marathons can be super fun (but remember to bring warm clothing!)
You can make an herb garden from pretty much anything.
Some wisdom on "worry" from Mr. F Scott.
All about Rhythmic Breathing.
Getting foodies gifts from foodies is AWESOME.
I'm not a perfect runner.

Some milestones:
Meeting FGL
Mojo's 1st Birthday
My Golden Birthday

Some food I've devoured:
Deliciously Smooth Hummus
Tomatillo Salsa Verde
Blueberry Chocolate Protein Smoothies
Red Beans & Rice
(a lot of) Eggs at the Office
Paleo "Hostess" Chocolate Donuts

Some things I've accomplished:
Owned the #100byVday challenge
Co-Created (and dominated!) my 1st Healthy Living Challenge
Ran my 1st race with Mattie
Hit my 5K PR
Received a Liebster award
Caught my 1st fish & kayaked for the 1st time
Ran my 1st FULL marathon!

Other random favorite posts:
Embrace your inner morning person
A to Z about Moi
Top 10 Things I Love About Fall

Thanks for reading & riding along over the past year on this silly, (mostly) healthy, (always) fun blogging adventure. I'm really looking forward to the future and am currently planning some near-term aesthetic changes to freshen up Southern Thintellect's look so stay tuned!
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Now, I'd love to hear from you!
~ What lessons have you learned over the past year?

~ What's something big you've accomplished over the past year?

~ Have you had any super memorable milestones since last November?

~ How have you treated yourself lately??


  1. Sarah@creatingbettertomorrowNovember 26, 2013 10:42 AM


  2. Woohoo, happy one year!! That's amazing! I just started my blog, so it's great to see how much you can accomplish in a year if you stick to it. Looking forward to checking out some of your older posts. I also ran my first marathon this past year, and I'm getting geared up to start my training cycle for my second. Psyched for that!

  3. Thanks girlie, I really appreciate it!

  4. Thanks Sam, it's pretty nuts that it's already been a year. Time flies when you're having fun!

  5. Thanks girl! I'm excited to start following along with your blog as well :)

    Congrats on the marathon!! I'm not sure that I'll be jumping into another in just yet but I've definitely already got several half marathons next year on my brain...

  6. Congratulations!! It's amazing to look at how much can happen in a year!

  7. Love this! Congrats on one year! So happy I stumbled upon your blog : )

  8. Thank you so much girl! It's truly insane. When I was looking back through my posts I was blown away by how much has happened in just one year :)

  9. Ditto Emily! Thank you so so much!!