Oct 29, 2013

a great mentality leads to great runs

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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Gahh!! I'm so excited, only 11 MORE DAYS until the Nashville Hard Rock Cafe Marathon! Last week, my mileage peaked, I did my longest run to date and now I feel like I have what it takes to knock out 26.2 :)

Also, I owe a big, fat THANK YOU to Cori at Olive to Run. Not only did she help me out discover a good (and safe) 20-mile route for Saturday morning, her recent post on the Best Mental Trick for a Long Run reeeeally helped too.

Even with my list of 20 things to ponder, I took the time to keep a log of fun, random thoughts I had while running:

Mile 4.0 - Shhhh hamstring...please relax!
Mile 6.1 - My thighs are ice blocks.
Mile 9.1 - Yes! Sun!!!
Mile 10.4 - Oh god, I hope I don't need to use the restroom...
Mile 10.6 - People are so friendly on this trail :)
Mile 11.6 - I wish I could ride a bike with no hands like that lady.
Mile 15.0 - Not sure if that's my butt cheek or my leg twinging.
Mile 17.0 - 17 miles?! I feel great!
Mile 17.8 - Ok... I'm kind of tired.
Mile 17.9 - Just high-fived a Ragnar Relay runner! That pepped me up!!
Mile 18.5 - I'm getting really great at texting and running.
Mile 18.9 - Ugh, that hill.
Mile 19.0 - One more darlin'!!!
Mile 19.3 - This was a perfect morning for a run.
Mile 19.5 - I want fruity froyo.
Mile 19.8 - Downhill from here!!
Mile 20 - YES! SUCCESS!

All in all, a great run :)

Thanks for reading! I hope your week is off to a great start!

What mental tricks do you use to get through long runs?


  1. You are killing it girl! You are so right about the mentality. For long runs, I look at them as two shorter ones :)

  2. So glad it all worked out for you! :)

  3. Get it girl!! I don't think my mind would be that peppy doing 20 miles!! Haha!! It would be more like Why, Why are you doing this to me! You are going to rock that marathon!!

    1. you know i'm all about that positive thinking, thanks so much Kerry!

  4. Way to go, Clara!!! Love your attitude - you are SO ready and I can't wait to read about your success!