Sep 17, 2013

What's-In-My-Tote Tuesday

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

Happy Tuesday! I'm feeling chipper this morning after a great 4-mile run so let's have a little fun & check out what's in my tote :)

1. Blueberry Scented Hand Sanitizer
2. Baby Lips Peach Lip Balm
3. Maybelline Fit 120 SPF 18
4. Mini hair brush
5. Nail file
6. Pens & Sharpie
7. iPhone wall charger
8. Blink Lubricating Eye drops (for my insane allergies)
9. Mini lint roller (occupational hazard of having two fluffs)
10. Advil
11. Non-crimping hair tie
12. Compact
13. One Song Workouts (I plan on using these print-outs tonight!)
14. Headphones
15. Wallet
16. Aviators

That's all for now... thanks for reading!

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