Sep 12, 2013

Top 10 Things I Love About Fall

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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Can you believe there's only 10 more days until the first day of fall?? I certainly can't. Heck, it's still gets to be nearly 90 degrees outside on the daily, how can autumn be almost upon us? Oh wait. This is Tennessee. The weather doesn't care about silly things like what season it is!
Because I do care about the seasons, in this transitional time, I'd love to share my Top 10 Things I Love About Fall! Here goes...

#10. Grammy's Pumpkin Bread
She only makes it once a year... and that only makes it better! I could attempt to recreate it, but my version would never taste as good :)

#9. Boots
The poor boots in my closet get so little action south of the Mason-Dixon! I love any opportunity they can get to come out and play.

#8. Hard Apple Cider
Spiced rum + Hot apple cider = dynamite. Maybe add in a little caramel vodka too...

#7. No Shave November
Fact: I love beards. There's just something really attractive about a guy who knows how to rock facial hair. I wouldn't doubt that this is Matt's favorite time of the year :)

#6. Tailgating Done Right
In college, we weren't too serious about our football team, but man, we were serious about our tailgating.

#5. Finding the Perfect Pumpkin
It always takes me forever to find the right one, but it's always worth it!

#4. Hocus Pocus
Watching this movie is a unshakable tradition.

#3. Cozy Sweaters & Wearing Uggs
Because what screams fall more than comfort and completely unfashionable cozy apparrel?

#2. Homemade Halloween Costumes
One of my personal talents: Coming up with creative DIY halloween costumes. World, you're welcome!

#1. Change
The best part of fall.

Gosh, now that I've thought about all these amazing parts of the season, I can't wait for fall!!

Thanks for reading!

What's your favorite Halloween costume out of all the ones you've worn?

Can you guess what all my costumes are in the above photo?

Do you have any favorite movies to watch in the fall?

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