Sep 5, 2013

September Goals & Training Update

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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Happy September! That happened fast, didn't it? Time for a goal update, but first, August in review...

August's Positive Takeaways
  • I only skipped 2 training workouts.
  • I discovered a great new running path close to my office.
  • I kayaked for the 1st time ever!

Where there's Room for Improvement
  • I planked a grand total of 11.5 minutes in August (pictures are worth a thousand words and the chart below pretty much says it all). However, yesterday I planked for the 1st time in a couple weeks and I'm determined to get back to my previous planking prowess (alliteration much?)
  • I'd like to make my shorter runs during the week a little quicker (better than a 9:30 pace).
  • My coffee consumption has been on the heavy side lately. I want to dial that back a bit in September or at least increase my intake of tea & water while maintaining how much coffee I drink daily.

New Goals of the Moment
Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day.
This is a simpler way for me to think about drinking more water. I like simple.

No eating or drinking 1 hour before going to sleep (except for non-caffeinated tea & water).
Recommitting to this goal because I'd really like to make this a habit :)

Floss daily.

Skip no more than 2 workouts and do all weekend long runs on training plan in September.
This leaves me a tiny bit of wiggle room during the week but solidifies the need to get those long runs in!

What short term goals are you setting for yourself right now?

Thanks for reading!

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