Sep 9, 2013

Marvelous is (NOT) Allergies

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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I took a little break from technology (or at least my computer) over the weekend and devoted myself to completing a few around-the-house projects. Unfortunately, this time of year is INSANE for allergies and I spent most of the weekend sniffing, sneezing, dripping and coughing my little heart out.
The nutty thing is that I've never had seasonal allergies like this before in my entire life...I've been told it's called the "Tennessee Syndrome" (I mean, living in the south is pretty incredible, there have to be some drawbacks, right?)

On a more marvelous note, there were some pretty wonderful things about this weekend that are starting my week off on a (sniffly) high note...

We wired our home for audio.
Matt is a wizard at setting up home entertainment systems. On Saturday, it took us a few hours to run (totally hidden) speaker wire from our main entertainment system to the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. Now, we can listen to music all over the house! I'm even more excited for IU game watches :)

I made time for a DIY project.
As some of my friends & family members already know, I love whipping up these DIY coffee mugs as gifts. They're so simple to create!

DIY Coffee Mug Instructions
1. Wash your mug.

2. Draw on design with sharpie.

3. Put mug in oven and then turn on to 425 degrees F.
*Important* Don't pre-heat oven before putting in mug to avoid cracking.

4. Let sit in oven for 30 minutes, then turn off oven.
*Important* Don't remove mug until oven is completely cool to avoid cracking.

Once cool, if your mug's design survives a wipe test and dish washer test you're golden!

My LR was a success!
Early Sunday morning I ran 10 miles on a loop around Music Row. It was fun to get a time series of the sun rising over Demonbreun :)

I baked.
A couple months have passed since I last made made-from-scratch brownies (last time was for Matt's birthday), so I whipped up a batch to pair with Sunday Night Football.
Thanks for reading!

What do you do to fight seasonal allergies?

Did you make anything sweet over the weekend?

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