Aug 1, 2013

100-Day Countdown Begins & Goals Revisited

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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Happy August! It's still surreal. In 100 days I'll be running my 1st full marathon!!! I stuck pretty tightly to my training in July and (at the moment) I feel really good about working up to 26.2 by November. Since it's a the start of a new month, what better time to recap & update goals?

How I did in July...

Goal #1: Drink at least 80 oz. of water every day.
Well, I never measured, so I can't know for sure. However, I did notice myself getting up a lot more during the day and refilling my H2O so that's progress.

Goal # 2: No eating or drinking 1 hour before going to sleep (except for non-caffeinated tea & water).
I definitely didn't meet this goal 100%. Closer to 70%.

Goal #3: Skip no more than 3 workouts on marathon training plan in July.

Goal #4: Do (at least) a 20 minute restorative yoga session once every week in July.
Totally bombed on this one. I didn't even attempt yoga practice once in July. This makes me sad, so I am re-committing to this goal in August!

As for my August marathon training plan, this is what my calendar looks like:
Check out my Goals of the Moment to see what else I'd like to achieve in August...

What health/fitness goals did you crush in July? What's next on the horizon for you in terms of "big" goals?

Only one more day until the weekend! Have a fantastic Thursday!!

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