Jul 3, 2013

#WIAW no. 10: Smart Snacking Galore

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

Since it's a new month, I've given my 'Goals of the Moment' a little refresher ;)

1. Drink at least 80 oz. of water daily.

2. No eating or drinking 1 hour before going to sleep (except for non-caffeinated tea & water).

3. Skip no more than 3 workouts on marathon training plan in July.

4. Do (at least) a 20 minute restorative yoga session once every week in July.

Now here are the goods!

Breakfast: Coffee with 'Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix - No Sugar Added' for creamer and a 2-egg scramble with Pancake Pantry sausage (i love my pretty new thrift store mug!)

Snack no. 1: a banana & a small handful of blueberries

Lunch: an entire bag of Birdseye SteamFresh green beans + chicken

Snack no. 2: another small handful of blueberries

Snack no. 3: half of a grapefruit

Dinner: flour tortilla burrito with 2-eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, chicken & Cholula hot sauce!

Dessert: a couple glasses of home-brewed cider that one of our crazy talented friends made for us!

I generally try to keep my snacking exclusive to fresh fruit, veggies and other healthier options. Not only does this method make it okay to snack more, it also lets me indulge in little treats like home-brewed cider and icecream and cookies etc. when the special occasion presents itself :) Not only that, eating fresh and healthy foods just makes me FEEL good, and that's what is most important!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! For more great posts on eats, check out Peas & Crayons here.

What's your favorite healthy snack to nosh on right now? Blueberries...can you tell? 


  1. Home brewed cider?? That sounds absolutely awesome! :)

    1. It's delicious... and dangerous! This batch has some notes of heather and quite a bit of tannins so it has a wine quality to it :)

  2. OH how I struggle with goal #2! I love the "do dixie" element in your blog description. I am a Canadian with an infinity for all things southern...a bit ironic I guess :)

    1. Ugh, me too, I have such a sweet tooth at night it's crazy! Thanks for reading!!

  3. I love your goals for this month! Yoga is my new found bff :) Its great during marathon training when you're constantly trying to prevent injury (well, at least I am lol). You do a great job of getting carbs in with healthy foods tooo... Love the quick idea to use steamfresh veggies!