Jul 19, 2013

A to Z about Moi

Hi darlings,

Here's a little A to Z about moi...

Attached or Single?
Very Attached to this obnoxiously adorable man.

Best Friend?
I can't choose -- but here are two of my favorites, Sonja & Megan:

Cake or pie?

Day of the week?
Any day there's brunch.

Essential item?
Lint roller -- thanks to the fluffs, Shadow & Mojo.

Favorite color? Caribbean Green

Gummy bears or gummy worms?
I would say no thank you to "gummy" anything.

Plymouth, Indiana.

Favorite Indulgence?

January or July?
July -- I'm a Leo after all.

Maybe someday.

Life isn't complete without?

Marriage Date?

Number of brothers/sisters?
Four, and they are all fantastic.

Orange or apples?
Oranges. I love throwing them in smoothies!

Injections. Snakes.

Favorite Quotes?
"Every morning when I wake up and I see there's a whole new other day I just go absolutely ape!"
-Audrey Hepburn in Paris When It Sizzles

Reason to smile?
Knowing that I'm somebody else's reason to smile.

Season of choice?

Tag People.
My friend, Sabrina. She writes killer book reviews & is a fellow Hoosier alum & SPA!
My other friend, Bijoy. He has a funny voice that it's impossible to impersonate & cooks yummy things!

Unknown fact about me?
I was born with a dime-shaped birthmark in the middle of my forehead.

Favorite Vegetable?
Broccoli (my childhood self would be shocked & appalled).

Worst habit?
I always have to be doing something, which can make it difficult to relax.

X-ray or Ultrasound?

Your favorite food?

I'm a Leo. Roar.

Now, what about you? -- Oranges/Apples? Cake/Pie? Favorite Indulgence? Essential item(s)? Leave a comment below so I can check it out, thank you for reading & have a fabulous day!

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