Jul 29, 2013

24 & Fabulous ;)

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

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So, I took a little break from blogging and the computer in general  since my birthday and now I'm feeling really refreshed and excited to start this week!

Here are some of the fun things from the end of last week that've put me in a marvelous mood this morning...

an epic birthday/anniversary Italian dinner...

apertivo: a spanish red wine

Tip: Always call Italian restaurants ahead about BYOB policies... this vino was a gift and since the restaurant had a BYOW policy we only had to pay a small corking fee vs. dishing out double for the same exact treat.

antipasta: bruschetta (homemade toasted bread served with cherry diced tomatoes with olive oil and homemade balsamic vinaigrette) and a delicious new favorite thing, mineral water from the Apennines, Acqua Panna

primo: the "Parma" -- a pizza with fresh mozzarella, diced tomatoes and arugula topped with Parma prosciutto and parmigiano (uhhh-amazing!)

dolce: (FREE) birthday tiramisu

ammazzacaffè: (a creation of our waiter, Fabiano) a shot of Frangelico and vanilla vodka topped with cocoa powder

unexpected birthday presents...
a full day with friends as "Brewers" at the 12th Annual Mafioza's Music City Brewers' Festival...

and even more Italian food... (I told you I loved pizza, right??)

never ending fluff adorableness...
they're not just big brother and little sister, they're best friends!

the low-60 degree temps on my early Sunday run...
the cooler temps let me keep my splits quicker! ranged from 9:12 to 10:05/mile

our 1st Sunday brunch @ Blvd...
We shared the Spicy Habanero Le French Fries, and then I enjoyed an À la carte breakfast of two farm eggs and an english muffin with jam and butter. We will definitely be going back to try more delicious bites!

Following brunch, we went on a relaxing 4 mile canoe trip down the Harpeth river (no pictures because we were all too paranoid to bring our cameras into a very capsizable watercraft). I think the only part of yesterday that wasn't marvelous was the heinous sunburn I walked away with...

Tip: When canoeing, never forget the sunscreen on the back of your neck and the tops of your thighs! (*Youch*).

Have a great start to your week and don't forget the sunscreen! :)

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