Jun 9, 2013

Sunday Treats for the Soul

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

What a wonderful weekend we had in Nashville (and what a wonderful Game of Thrones finale too at that). No spoilers I promise, I just really enjoyed the episode :)

I kicked off today with a soggy 6+ mile run through some very green neighborhoods. It was an easy, relaxing workout and I was really happy with my pace and how I felt post-run.

After some well-deserved coffee & retail therapy, I mailed off a handwritten letter to my little sister (1st Bad Ass Beautiful box goal met today)...

...and packed a cardboard box full of closet clutter to donate (2nd Bad Ass Beautiful goal met today). Not gonna lie, those little treats for the soul are paying dividends tonight :)

With those two boxes checked, I feel very confident that I'll be able to meet the challenge of not eating any foods with >5 ingredients on the label from now through Wednesday. Today was filled with nutritious hummus, veggies, fruit and corn tortilla chips, very satisfying so far, here's to keeping up the good eats and feelin' Bad Ass Beautiful!

I hope your weekends were amazing, and that your weeks all start off just as well :)

Thank you for reading!

Where's the hardest place for you to de-clutter? My makeup drawer.
Who was the last person you sent a handwritten letter to? Obviously my little sister, Olivia, today!

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