May 22, 2013

#WIAW no. 5 - Carby Weekend Eats

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

Today for WIAW I'm sharing eats from last Saturday. Typically, on the weekends I find myself snacking less and gravitating towards larger (and more carb-filled) meals. Hey, it's the weekend right? :)

I'm a big lover of pancakes, and when I saw this recipe for pancakes made with coconut flour I just couldn't resist swinging by Whole Foods to grab the goods and try them out. Verdict -- They would be good by themselves, but the kiwi and bananas really made the difference! For Breakfast, I enjoyed them with a drizzle of syrup and a big steaming mug of coffee.

At lunchtime, Matt & I decided to head to a local microbrewery we'd never tried before and split some NY style BBQ pizza. I also snatched a few of his onion rings and ordered a side of spiced apples with my slice. Not pictured are the few drinks we had, but fun fact - the brewers there give naughty names to all of their beers (we enjoyed the Yeast Nasty, CircumSaison and Pecker Wrecker varieties).
Around 4 o'clock or so, I noshed on about half an English cucumber with a bit of my homemade garlic pesto hummus while catching up on a little Game of Thrones reading. I'm in the middle of Book 5 and things are getting REAL.
Dinner was a classic option for me. Eggs + Peppers + Potato + Chicken + Tortillas + Hot Sauce = Heaven.

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Or, if you're interested, here are some of the other naughty brews that Cool Springs Brewery concocts.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I love coconut pancakes. I tried them last year and haven't been right since :D I love that they can be eaten by themselves and they are good, but if you add other things, they are awesome too!

  2. oh yum i love that cholula hot sauce; looks like some delicious eats!