May 23, 2013

Morning Battles & A Goal Update

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

So, these types of shenanigans are becoming a daily ritual. Everyday at 5a.m. like clockwork, the Shadow/Mojo dueling begins...
I like to think they do most of their battling in the bathroom because I'm in there to witness it and be impressed.

On another note, I had a great workout last night :) I ran 3.6 miles in 35:31, did a May Core Challenge (Week 3) set and then ran another 1.61 miles in 18:10. The best part is that I thought I wasn't going to have time to workout at all!

A moment of clarity happened around 6 o'clock that got me completely pumped for my run. My motivation? I had this random vision of Tim Gunn with crossed arms and furrowed brow saying to me "Make it work." If that makes me some kind of odd ball, whatever, because it totally worked.

It was pretty late when I got home and finished up work for the day, so there wasn't really any way of keeping my goal of not eating 2 hours before bedtime, I was starving! I had some incredible leftover red bell pepper and sausage pizza, then promptly hit the hay post-shower. But speaking of goals, other than last night's hiccup, things have been going great!

1. Drinking more water. 
  • I think I'm doing a great job here!
2. No eating and only drinking tea/water 2-3 hours before bed 
  • Not going to lie, this girl has been loving her bourbon/wine/whatever night caps lately, but I'm going to try to be better about this.
3. May Core Challenge
  • Into week 3 of the challenge with a 100% completion rate so far. Pretty good I'd say :)
I've also been doing well with daily planking (big thanks to Goal #3).

What new goals and challenges are you setting up for yourselves? Dreams of doing a full marathon this year...

What are your favorite core workout moves? Twists & Planks

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