Apr 18, 2013

Rock the Relay Recap & Vacation Plans!

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

Our marathon relay team (fiercely named the 'Cookie Monsters') finished the Rock the Relay Marathon in Indianapolis last weekend in 4:19:54.8, each of us running 3 separate 2.19 mile loops. The morning weather was too chilly for my liking (in the 30s and windy), but we all did a stellar job of keeping loose in our break periods and it was a fun experience overall!

I have a favorite rule of thumb for post-race resting: For every mile you run in a race, that's how many days you should rest. So in lieu of running this week, I've been keeping my eating habits in tip-top shape and doing real work on my 30-Day Squat challenge (as of today, Day 16, I've done 965 squats so far!!).

Today, Matt and I are taking off for a weekend getaway to our alma mater to enjoy the Little 500 bike race festivities and we can't wait to be reunited with a ton of friends and family! I'm so pumped that I've planned a special run for tomorrow morning (I hope we don't get too turned around and mess it up!):

This is why I love MapMyRun :) 
Have a fantastic Friday-eve, and good luck with all of your healthy goals this weekend!!

Today's Question: Do you have any tips for staying healthy while traveling?

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