Mar 22, 2013

Friday Favorites no. 4 - Healthy "Ice Cream" & More!

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Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here, Happy Friday!!

Favorite New Recipe

Healthy Two-Ingredient "Ice Cream"

As easy as it sounds folks:
1. Cut up a couple bananas and freeze for 2-3 hours
2. Use a sturdy blender or food processor and blend bananas until smooth
3. Add ~1 Tbsp. of Peanut Butter for every 2 bananas

I topped mine with a SF chocolate syrup & devoured (I suggest you do the same)!

Favorite Laugh

My good running friend Miguel shared this gem with me, I couldn't stop laughing!

Favorite Workout Threads

Adorable, Functional and Sweat Pink appropriate!

Favorite Quote

A reminder never to hold yourself to someone else's standards before your own!

Have a Marvelous Weekend (and GO HOOSIERS)!!

Mar 20, 2013

5-K Results & Crock-Pot Carnitas

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Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here, Happy 1st day of Spring!

The results from my St. Patrick's Day Kegs 'n Eggs 5-K were released yesterday, and I'm proud to say that I finished 6th overall in the female 20-24 age group with a time of 27:11 (8:27/mile)! The management company 'What Do You Run For?' in Nashville always does a stellar job with their events, and I definitely plan on running more of their races in the future. They were pretty quick to post photos, and I found this gem of a finish line shot to share:

(my hands were up because the announcer was giving my jersey a shout-out at the finish line)

Switching gears, let's talk food! Yesterday morning, I gave Matt a couple recipes that I've been wanting to try and he spent a good part of his day off work whipping up Crock-Pot Carnitas for dinner. I originally saw this recipe on, but we modified it for the ingredients we had on hand, and it was DEEE-LISH! I can't wait to dive into the leftovers!

Here's what you'll need...

2 lbs. boneless pork shoulder, cut into 2-inch cubes
1 large onion, roughly chopped
1 bottle (12 ounces) beer (IMHO, the cheaper the better)
1 can (14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes (we used a green pepper & onion flavored variety)
2 yellow chile peppers (original recipe called for 2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce)
Juice of 1 orange (~2oz)
Juice of 1 lime
1 tsp. coriander
1 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. kosher salt
1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
2 Tbsp. olive oil

Place pork cubes in the Crock-Pot along with the onions and pour the beer and orange juice over the top. Cover and cook on low for 4-6 hours. Once cooked, remove pork from juices and set aside. Once the pork has cooled, shred it using a fork or your fingers. Add the remaining ingredients (except for the olive oil) to your food processor (or blender), cover, and puree everything until it is well blended. In a large sauté pan, heat the olive oil over medium heat.

Once oil is hot, add the pork and sauté to crisp up some of the edges. Spoon or pour in as much of the sauce as you would like onto the pork. Continue to cook until sauce is heated through. We served with tortilla chips, salsa and flour tortillas, but adding some guacamole to this mix would have been fantastic!

This recipe yields 6 servings

Question of the day: What's your favorite side with Mexican style dishes? I love me some guac!

Mar 18, 2013

Luck O' The Hoosiers & Monday Meraki (#MM) no. 8

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Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

A Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day to one and all! I had a jolly ol' time celebrating the green and slightly inebriating holiday in Nashville while cheering on Indiana to a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament! Matt, our friend Jill and I rounded out the weekend with a Kegs 'n Eggs 5-K around our beautiful neighborhood . Our team name was "Kiss Me, I'm a Hoosier", and we got a lot more shout-outs for our jerseys than I think any of us were expecting!

Now, it wasn't necessarily the prettiest race, but it was Matt's first-ever organized running event and Jill managed to finish like a boss even after yacking 1 mile in--that's commitment people! I certainly didn't break any records, but running 3.1 miles in under 27 minutes after a weekend of Level-Irish shenanigans is a win in my book!

Team Kiss Me, I'm a Hoosier for the win!

Unfortunately, outside of running this race and doing some moderate daily exercising, I haven't done the best job of keeping up with my usual healthy routines over the past week. Never mind that though -- Today is a new day of a brand new week and I'm promising myself that I will be better and try harder this week!

In the spirit of motivation, here's an update on where I'm at with my Goals of the Moment:

1. HIIT Workouts: I went 1/3 for HIIT workouts last week, trying the 30-minute Little method on the bike for the first time. This week, I'm going to achieve my goal of 3 HIIT workouts -- No excuses! :) When I've tried all 3 types (Tabata, Little and Turbulence) I plan on giving y'all a run-down of what I think about 'em!

2. Daily Fitness Habits: The daily challenges for #6packMarch are keeping me pretty on track here.

3. Drinking more water: I think I'm improving a lot here! It's hard to gauge exactly how much better I'm being about this, but I can absolutely feel the difference.

4. #6packMarch Challenge: I'm a couple of days behind, but I plan on catching up on all that ab work this evening following my HIIT session.

... and now, since it's Monday, let's Meraki!

In celebration of my love for Indiana Basketball, and our No. 1 seed spot, here's a fan favorite:

Happy Monday y'all! Best of luck with all your goals!!

Today's Question: What type of things motivate you the most? Inspiration boards, Upbeat music, Thoughts of summertime and bathing suits? I'd love to know!

Mar 12, 2013

Bring On the Fun!

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Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

This might be a bold statement, but I think I can safely say that this last week has been the most wonderful week I've had since moving to Nashville. Matt is officially my new roommate and we're having so much freaking fun living together :)

One of my favorite perks of living with my best friend? It's so much easier coordinating working out together!

Last night, I checked off one HIIT workout for the week. I absolutely loved this cycling session because the pace of the fast/slow intervals made it so easy to stay motivated throughout! (Although, it probably didn't hurt that Matt was peddling away like a maniac right next to me.)

After some super sweaty core work, stretching and much needed showers, Matt & I sauntered over to a Fix the Beer Tax event downtown where we got to mingle with lawmakers, beer distributors and brewers and talk about how Tennessee has some of the wackiest tax laws in the country. Talking to all those passionate people was so fascinating, and the free craft beer samples only enhanced the experience!

Top all that hoopla off with a veggie-filled dinner paired with a decadent chocolate Crock-Pot dessert, the finale of The Bachelor and some Girls on HBO and I'd say it was the biggest blast I've ever had on a Monday night in Nashville! I'm so excited for all the fun nights to come!!

Since the Tabata and Little methods of HIIT have been so much to my liking, I think I'm gonna kick it up a notch this week with some Turbulence HIIT. If you're confused by anything I just said, check out this HIIT breakdown by Greatist :)

I hope y'all are having a great start to your week, best of luck with all your healthier choices!!

Mar 8, 2013

Friday Favorites no. 3

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Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

Happy Friday! Here are some of my favorite things from this week...

Favorite Quick Dinner Creation
Baby Spinach, Tomato, Avocado & Oven-Roasted Turkey Salad

Favorite Workout Song
How can you not get pumped up by this??

Favorite Smile
Sleepy Fluffy Perfection

Favorite Mantra
If you don't, who will?

I'm traveling in Denver this week. My flight home is late tonight and it's been a wonderful trip so far! I feel like I've been incredibly productive. Last night I had a stellar HIIT workout paired with some more running and a core workout. It was so satisfying that I basically repeated this morning!

Now that working out is checked off my to do list, I better get going with my day! I hope y'all have a great start to your weekends!

Mar 6, 2013

Warmer Weather is Just Around the Corner...

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Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

It's almost a full week into March and I'm so excited the weather is going to turn for the better soon. This weekend it's supposed to get up into the high 60s -- HOORAY!!!

What's something else to be excited about you ask? Well, solid progress on some goals is a start ;)

Goal Update

#6packMarch Challenge: This is a new one! So far, I've been doing a good job of remembering to get in these daily ab sets. Of course it's still early days, and the prospect of doing that many sit-ups & push-ups in a row in a few weeks is a daunting benchmark (but I'm so up for it!).

HIIT Workouts: I've only done one tabata interval session since I first posted about wanting to try more of these workouts. There's definitely room for improvement there, but I loved it when I tried it. Doing intervals on a treadmill is a little frustrating, so I may get a running watch (exciting!) so I can try these outside in the nice weather soon.

Improving Daily Fitness Habits: The #6packMarch challenge is definitely helping with this goal, and I'm pretty proud of the small improvements I make every day :)

Drinking more water: Someone should tattoo this on me, maybe then I would be better about slugging my H2O!

Speaking of drinking more water, yesterday my optometrist reminded me that drinking plenty of water is even more important since my eyes are prone to dryness. You see, Nashville is situated in kind of a basin and allergens are everywhere here. I wasn't aware of this before I moved here last June, but Nashville is one most allergen-filled cities in the country! With spring and more warm weather approaching -- my allergies are about to go to a whole new level here. After months of serious eye irritation and dryness (yes, it's been oh so fun dealing with blind workouts sans contacts) my eye doc was able to tell me in < 5 minutes that I could fix my eye issues by drinking more water, taking some allergy and eye drop medication and a healthy dose of mercury-free fish oil supplements. Wowza! I can't wait to start heeding her advice and seeing clearly with contacts again!!

I hope your day is starting off great too! Best of luck with all of your goals and workouts for the day. You can do it, here's a little motivation to help :)