Feb 11, 2013

Getaways, PRs and Monday Meraki (#MM) no. 6

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

Traveling up to Indiana this weekend was an absolute blast, I enjoyed some much-needed girl time with a couple of the most wonderful ladies I know! We ran the gambit of working out, indulging in vino & cookies, smashing 5K PRs, shopping, cooking, soaking up some serious television, naps and witnessing another stellar Indiana University basketball victory!

Friday evening was a combination of a satisfying throwback-roomie workout and sweet, sweet cookie indulgences :) We got in some cardio and ab work, then proceeded to call it an early night. We had to be up early for our 5K on Saturday morning!

While it was a little chilly (in the 30s), the weather was pretty perfect for our race. I ended up finishing with my fastest time yet (those speed runs have been paying off!), at 24:30 (~7:54 pace). Overall, I was the 35th female to finish, and I placed 3rd in my age group! Hooray for PRs!! A little food, shopping and R&R was in order after our great finishes. We stopped at Finish Line and I finally picked up a better-fitting pair of Brooks. I stuck with the same bright coral pair that I purchased over Christmas... I'm obsessed. Saturday night was another wonderfully restful girls-night-in... complete with homemade cocktails :)

Aren't they pretty??

Sunday we were able to sleep in, and in the morning I enjoyed another speedy run and planking in my friend's gorgeous gym. Boy, do I wish I had access to this type of facility just steps from my apartment!

To wrap up an already amazing weekend, my team went on to trounce Ohio State on Sunday afternoon! Let's just say it made for a very cheerful 4.5 hour drive home to the most incredible city on the planet :)

That's about it for my weekend's highlights, now let's Meraki!

Since I've been putting a lot of time & energy into my goal of running 100 miles by Valentines day, I thought it would be a good idea to share a trick I use when my only (tolerable) option for cold-weather distance running is a treadmill.

Meraki Running Tip: 

When I have a somewhat-lengthy distance goal on the treadmill, I start by programming the treadmill with a goal time slightly higher than what I know it will take to finish my planned mileage. I begin the run at a comfortable pace (for me, ~6 mph), then for every 0.1 miles I run, I tick up the speed 0.1 mph. I do this until I get to a speed where I'm pushing myself pretty hard (~7.5 mph) and then I start to decrease my speed 0.1 mph for every 0.1 miles I run. I find that this trick keeps me pushing myself by giving me an imaginary "hill" to climb and also makes me feel better when I can finish with time left on the workout clock to cool down. Nashville is remarkably hilly, so I've learned to embrace this type of imagery in my indoor workouts.

Today's Question: I rewarded my 5K PR with a few new pieces of choice running apparel. What are you favorite ways to reward yourself for goals achieved and workouts well done?

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