Jan 9, 2013

My Quick & Yummy Eats

It's great to see ya here!

Because of my profession, I'm an early riser. Every morning I'm up around 5am and in the the office by 6, usually working ~10-12 hrs a day. So unfortunately, in my evenings during my week, after I carve out the time for an hour workout or errands it can be hard to get in even 6 hours of sleep -- let alone prepare a healthy, balanced dinner on the spot. Today I'm going to share a couple of my favorite quick and healthy recipes that I carry ingredients for at all times for those time-crunched days. But first, I'd like to update y'all on my goal progress!

#100byVday: Since starting this challenge last week I've run 15.2/100 miles at an average pace of 9:41. After a speedy (for me) 4.5 mile run last night I'm currently ahead of my target progress mileage of 15 miles!

I ran it at a well-paced 9:26/mile!
Daily routine improvements: Super proud that every single time I've brushed my teeth (and flossed) over the past week I've done wall-sits during! I've also been really good about doing planks and crunches every day (especially since I started #PlankADay and @PlankPolice is watching me!)

Stepmill: I think my 5 miles/ week goal is definitely attainable, but I just haven't been making the time for it. I do love me some running, but seriously I need to change it up more!

Pilates Class: I wasn't able to make it last Saturday (yet again), but I can assure you if I don't go this coming Saturday there are going to be some serious self-inflicted penalties on the stepmill.

Now, let's talk on my favorite quick meals!

The Speedy Smoothie (Great Anytime - I make at home in a blender):

I've been on an Orange/Vanilla flavor kick lately (dreamsicles have always been a house favorite), so my smoothies of late have all been thus flavored, but really, you can add any kind of fruit or protein flavor you'd like. It's the ultimate custom meal! No matter how I customize though, I always start with an ice base (more or less depending on how thick I want the smoothie to be) and a liquid (for me, milk). I bought a carton of vanilla almond milk for the first time ever recently and it tastes amaaazing in my dreamsicle smoothies! Here's one I concocted yesterday evening (after a 13 hr work day and an hour at the gym, woof):

1/2 c. of Kroger Vanilla Almond Milk
1 Banana
1 Scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
2 very ripe Clementines

The Barely Any Prep Broccoli Bowl (Lunch or Dinner - I make in the microwave):

This steamable mix had cauliflower, yum!
This is a more recent go-to recipe of mine. Take 1 whole bag of some variety of frozen steamable vegetables (I usually use a broccoli mix from Birdseye), and mix with a serving of cut up protein of your choosing (I usually lean towards cut up chicken tenders since they're so cheap in bulk). Voila! A filling and healthy freezer meal!

The 1:30 Scramble (Great Anytime - I make in the microwave) :
I ate my scramble this morning almost as quickly as I prepped it!
I've shared the recipe for this with y'all before in my post on the importance of rest days. Since then, this meal has become a daily staple of mine. So much so that I've actually formed a habit of picking up an 18-count carton of eggs on my weekly forays to the grocery store. The scramble pictured above was made with 3 eggs, a hamlet slice and a few Tbsp. of water, that's it!

And there you have it, those are my favorite minimal-effort meal ideas. I hope you like 'em! Work calls, so that's it for now :)

I'll be giving updates on daily workouts and such via twitter, I hope some of you join me in #PlankADay fun! You can totally do it!!

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