Jan 14, 2013

Trying New Things (#TNT): Mat Pilates edition & Monday Meraki no. 4

It's great to see ya here!

It was a super successful weekend here in Nashville, and I hope y'all had great weekends too! I'm still ahead  of the game on my goal to run 100 miles by Valentines day. As of yesterday afternoon I've run 27.8 miles at an average pace of 9:46.

On Saturday, I woke up bright and early and had a delicious, homemade breakfast burrito before heading to my first ever Mat Pilates class! In short, I loved it, and I definitely want to make it a regular part of my weekend workouts going forward :)

I've done a lot of pilates in the past with home workout videos, but doing the work in a large group setting definitely had several new pros and cons that I noticed:


  • No equipment necessary
  • Exercises can be modified easily to be more or less challenging
  • Relaxing pace that emphasizes keeping your breath
  • Some of my favorite moves are incorporated (i.e., Planks)
  • Almost all of the movements help build core strength


  • Not using a thick enough mat makes for a very sore body, two full days later and my tailbone is still bothering me
  • I barely broke a sweat, so this really wouldn't be the class I'd count on to get a solid workout
  • Group classes can get REALLY crowded
  • Depending on how you're positioned in the room, you can get more than an eyeful of other ladies' business if you know what I mean

All in all, I can't wait to head back to Mat Pilates again!

Considering how full Saturday was with workouts and errands it was wonderful to sleep in on Sunday. After heading into work in the morning to wrap up some projects, I skipped on over to the gym and blasted out a speedy run. I'm definitely getting faster!

I also got in my weekly snack prep yesterday afternoon, so many yummy snacks!!

My Sunday evening was filled with crafting and OnDemand tv indulgences :) I'm currently re-vamping this fun thriftstore find (it was a pretty icky white-ish green tinged color when I picked it up for $25 at Thrift Smart):

All the crafting actually inspired me to share more about how I've made some old things new. I've found that if you walk into thrift stores with an open mind and a little buzz of creativity you can make some wonderful things happen. So, without further ado, here's a bit of thrifting Merkai!
I picked up this yellow dress for $7 at a thrift store and used it to pull together my Morton Salt Girl costume for Halloween 2012. Matt was my salt shaker...Halloween may just be my favorite holiday :)

I wanted to give some customized DIY gifts over the holidays so I bought a bunch of XXL jersey cotton solid color tees from Goodwill (spent probably ~$3 a shirt) and made these fun and unique scarves! They're surprisingly warm, and I'm planning on making more for myself in the near future :)

I picked up this adorable wicker shelf for $5! It fits perfectly in my closet and houses the shoes I wear the most during the week. I thought about spray painting it another color, but for now I like the white.

Everything you see above originated from a thrift store in Nashville. From Halloween costumes, to DIY gifts, to cute little pieces of furniture--thrift stores offer so many funky and unexpected surprises. I get such a kick out of making old things new!

I'll be hitting the gym this evening for a couple miles of running and a renewed effort on the stepmill :) But for now it's on to work, so Happy Monday y'all! Best of luck with all of your fitness goals! Make yourself proud!!

Today's Question: Have any of you re-vamped a thrift store find lately?? I'm going to be doing a little bit of redecorating in the near future and I would love to hear your ideas! Thanks for reading :)

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