Jan 28, 2013

Let's get Organized! Monday Meraki no. 5

Hi darlins'! It's great to see ya here!

I'm so excited that it's the start of a whole new week! I thought of this wonderful sound bite right when I woke up this morning...

Today I'm going to do a rundown of where I'm at with my "goals of the moment", and also share some ways I stay organized (because I think organization is simply marvelous!).

#100byVday Challenge: So far, soooo good. As of today, I've run 58 miles at an average pace of 9:32!

Daily routine improvements: Definitely keeping the daily planking, ab work, leg work and wall-sits up, and honestly, I feel myself improving all the time :)

Stepmill: I've been having trouble incorporating stepmill time while I'm at the gym ever since I started pushing the envelope on my running speed (to be sure, I've become noticeably quicker!). To remedy this, I've started to track my time on the stepmill in the same place where I record my running and daily planking. I know me, and if I link these all together visually I'll be more compelled to follow through on my plans!

Now, let's Meraki, Organization-style!

Organize to Stay Fit: 

  • Write down your goals. It doesn't have to be incredibly specific, but it's helpful to have a fitness plan that's stable and you've committed to ahead of time. I always have a general 6-week plan for my workouts that I update at the end of every 6-week period. I keep a printout of my plan hanging up at work where I see it everyday.
  • Log your workouts. Almost more important that creating a plan in advance of workout sessions, is holding yourself accountable when you meet/exceed/fall short of your expectations. Every day I try to scribble a little note beside the previous day's plan that describes in brief what I actually accomplished. Even if I did absolutely nothing, I make a note that I rested.
  • Keep your plans interesting. Doing the same workouts over and over would absolutely kill my motivation. I try to add/subtract different exercises and vary the concentration of time I spend on a given fitness goal to keep myself engaged in what I'm doing.

Organize to Eat Well:

  • Prepare snacks ahead of time. I usually do all my grocery shopping on Sundays. Once I get home, I make an effort to immediately wash all of the produce I've purchased for snacks and separate it out into 100 calorie portions. That way, when I'm heading out the door for work or looking for a quick afternoon snack I have pre-portioned, healthy snacks that I can grab without thinking. It makes eating well ridiculously easy :) 
  • Be a perimeter shopper. Ever notice how most of the tempting junk food in grocery stores is concentrated in the aisles? Try to stick to the outside circuit of the grocery store as much as possible to avoid impulse junk food decisions.
  • Shop like you're poor. While you're wandering about the perimeter of the grocery store, gear your produce shopping for the day towards the fruits and vegetables that are on sale. Not only will it help save you money, but it will also encourage you to switch up your fruit and vegetable consumption!

Organize to "Do Dixie" (or whatever place you live in):

  • Don't put off the "little tasks". Make your bed every morning. Fold your laundry as soon as it's dry. Put away your dishes as soon as they're clean. If it takes less than 2 minutes, don't put it off, do it now! Getting those little annoying tasks out of the way as soon as you think of them will free you up to enjoy the more important things happening around you!
  • Keep up on what's happening in your city. Life would be no fun if it just revolved around eating healthy food and getting in sweat sessions. One of the most pathetic excuses for not enjoying fun things happening in your city is to say that you didn't know about them. There are literally hundreds of people who make it their job to tell the internet public about cool stuff that's happening around you. One of my favorite such resources in Nashville for this type of info is Nashville Guru. Jump right in and start following these groups on twitter, instagram, facebook, or whatever. I always want to be aware of the fun stuff going on around me so I can plan to make myself a part of it!
That's all I have to share for now, I hope your week is getting off to a great start!

Today's Question: Do you have any unique or helpful methods for bringing more order and harmony to your life?

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