Dec 6, 2012

Winner Winner

It's great to see ya here!

I think I have the lucky gene.

Yesterday, I won another set of tickets from my favorite local radio station to a show at the Loveless Cafe barn :) I took my good friend, Jill, and we had a jolly-old time listening to fun live music & drinking local beer (in honor of the 79th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition of course!).

The lunchtime surprise of the show did kind of throw a wrench into my workout & dinner plans, but as in most things, improvisation is key! In an effort to be more efficient with my workout time I just tackled a couple miles on the stepmill & some core work. I felt that it was a great use of my time and I was even out of the Y in time to shower & whip together a roadie smoothie of vanilla whey protein, bananas and clementines for dinner! (YUM)

My breakfast this morning was another quick coffee cup scramble, I just can't get enough of these (especially when I have so many funny mugs to choose from).

Tonight, the plan is to get some more miles in on the stepmill & treadmill. Luckily, I won't be rushed so it should be a more relaxing and productive workout than yesterday. Here's a little motivation for your goals today, I love this one.


What kind of workouts do y'all hit up when you're in a rush?

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