Dec 4, 2012


It's great to see ya here!

Wheew! Today has been a busy whirlwind, and I'm super happy to have a quiet minute to get some blog action going for y'all :) My workout last night was fantastic, this time I tried getting my stepmill miles in before running and it worked like a charm. After that, I went into beast mode and did crunches with another 3-minute plank. I don't think there was one square inch of my body that wasn't sweating. It was awesome.

Dinner was a yummy combination of a baby spinach, shredded roast beef, and red delicious apple salad paired with bananas. I'm bananas for bananas. 

On the topic of this post--

Early this morning (as I was getting ready at the absurd hour that I've somehow grown accustomed to) I looked at my medicine cabinet and realized that I've been really bad lately about remembering to take my vitamins. I've probably chosen the worst time of year to start lapsing on this too. It seems like every other person I know is either getting sick, getting over being sick or is sick and won't admit it to anyone.

Vitamins aren't just immune health miracle workers though, they have a myriad of other benefits. If you're curious, check out this uhhh-mazing post via Greatist that gives a breakdown of the properties for all of the most essential vitamins & minerals. Remember, everyone's needs in the realm of vitamins are going to be slightly different and it's important to research on your own which supplements would be the best for you.

Here's a shot of my daily go-to doses:

Vitamin D - Since I work inside all day I don't get nearly as much exposure to sunlight as I'd like. It also keeps my bones healthy :)

Vitamin B Complex - A friend in training for a 1/2 iron man first turned me on to the benefits of Vitamin B. B6 helps in the production of serotonin and B12 helps in the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids, cell creation and the protection of nerve cells.

Women's Multi-Vitamin: I'm a firm believer in listening to my mom's advice. So I'm passing this nugget along - If you're a woman who doesn't eat a lot of iron-rich foods, there is no reason you should not be taking one of these every day. After a routine check-up this past spring my blood tests indicated that I was slightly anemic, and looking back it makes perfect sense. I was living an almost totally vegetarian lifestyle and I wasn't consistently filling that gap with any supplements. Iron deficiencies are super common in women, especially those who are vegetarians and vegans. I'm definitely doing my best to make sure that doesn't happen again to me :)

On another note--

I'm going to a fancy-schmancy healthcare reception tonight, and after that's over I'm planning on heading straight to the gym from there. Gotta get that workout in before the VS show comes on! I'll be doing another couple of miles on the stepmill with a quick run and some core work. Just because, here's some fun, fierce motivation in honor of the angels extravaganza tonight!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any good advice to share on vitamins or other supplements you use?

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  1. Nice blog Clara! I enjoy hearing about your fantastically fun & healthy life in Nashville. I just saw your vitamin post and wanted to suggest you add the Omega 3 supplement to your regimen. It's great for the brain as well as many other benefits! Keep doing your thin-thang! ;)