Dec 12, 2012

Trying New Things (#TNT): Kickboxing Edition

It's great to see ya here!

Happy Wednesday! Last night, my lovely roommate (and future kickboxing instructor) invited me to try kickboxing for the first time, and it was very... interesting. To be honest, I can't say that I absolutely love using a kickboxing class as my primary workout. That being said, there were some things that I thought were GREAT about it.

Here's my humble beginner's list of kickboxing pros & cons:


  • No equipment necessary
  • Can do with your friends
  • Upbeat pace
  • Some challenging moves incorporated (i.e., Burpees)
  • Targets the lower and upper body muscle groups


  • Confusing cues are frustrating (especially from a self-proclaimed "newbie" instructor)
  • (IMHO) 90% of the moves aren't challenging enough
  • Group classes can get REALLY crowded
  • Constantly moving on your toes can give serious cramping
  • The immiment danger of getting accidentally kicked in the head
After our 60 minutes of kickboxing was up we hit the stepmill to add a little extra oomph to our workouts (like I said above, I didn't really feel challenged enough during the class). Unfortunately, the class started later in the evening and by the time I got home around 9pm I was STARVING. To fix that, I cooked up some turkey bacon with spinach and a side of Alfredo pasta. It was quite wonderful, but eating that late at night never, ever sits well with me and I went to bed with a pretty bad stomach ache. A seriously good lesson in planning meal times better!

Tonight is my company's holiday party (YAY!) so I won't have to worry about planning eating around my workout on this particular Wednesday. Nevertheless, here's some motivation for y'alls' workout goals today!

Today's Question: Do y'all have any advice on eating before/after/during your workout? What kind of snacks do you typically use as your workout fuel?

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