Dec 17, 2012

Monday Meraki no. 2

It's great to see ya here!

It's officially starting to feel like Christmas time, and only one more week until I'm home for the holidays :)

I think the majority of my weekend can be summarized by the following image...

Addicted...sorry I'm not sorry.

Given my overall lack of productivity over the weekend, I was really proud of myself for waking up early enough to not only prep my meals, but also brew a big cup o' coffee! Mmmmm... coooffeeeee...

Breakfast: Egg & Ham Scramble; Snacks: Clementines and Bell Pepper/Carrot Mix; Lunch: Broccoli Cuts with Chicken

Goal Update:

Runner's World Holiday Streak Challenge: Day 26 and going strong! I've run a mile every day since Thanksgiving and I'm 100% committed to achieving this goal.

Racquetball: The timing was never right last week for a match. I'll be playing double hard tonight against Matt to make up for it!

Stepmill: Another week, another miss on this one. In my defense though, the kickboxing class I tried last Tuesday that "wasn't that challenging"...yeah...I was miserably sore for the next three days. Stepmill wasn't really an option haha.

Now, let's Meraki!

via Otherworldy

Whilst enjoying the comfort of a good book over the weekend I also had the joy of hanging out with a couple of my favorite companions. They are the fluffiest and funniest companions you will ever meet. Yes, I am speaking of my two fantastic felines, Shadow & Mojo.

3.5 yr old male Shadow
6 month old girl Mojo

Shadow originally belonged to Matt, while I took Mojo home with me about the same time I moved to Nashville (fun fact: they both came from the same calico mama) . Now, they both live together with me! Matt chose the name Shadow on his own, but we collaborated on Mojo's name together and decided to name her after a delicious IPA.

Mojo's namesake
I'm definitely a cat lover, 100%. That being said, I grew up on a farm having a myriad of different pets and if I could, I would definitely love to have a dog...and maybe some cows and horses and pigs too ;) For the time being though, my townhouse can only accommodate 2 small kitties, and I'm completely fine with that. 

For all you other cat lovers out there who want to get creative with your demonstrations of love for your respective felines, here's some fun stuff! I've definitely entertained the notion of purchasing and/or crafting up everything I'm sharing with you today :)

i <3 cats mug via Amazon - $12 (wow...this looks so much like Mojo)

Hope you enjoyed these creative expressions of kitty love! Good luck with all your fitness goals this week and have a really happy monday!

via fitfabcities

What are some ways you get yourself motivated at the beginning of the week?

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