Dec 10, 2012

Monday Meraki no. 1

It's great to see ya here!

An exciting new thing has happened. I've fallen in love with a word that (so far as I know) doesn't exist in the English language. So much so, I've decided to make it the theme of my posts every Monday from here on out!

Meraki (pronounced may-rah-kee; Greek)

via OtherWorldy

So... there you have it, every Monday that I post I'm going to share something with you that I relate to in a special and/or unique/fun way. Keep in mind that's a pretty vague rule and the mix will be eclectic to say the least.

But first... a goal update!

Runner's World Holiday Streak Challenge: It's Day 19 and I've run at least a mile for every day since Thanksgiving! In full disclosure, I've taken a few days off during that time, but I've always tacked on extra miles for the days I've rested. My favorite thing about this goal is that it's so realistic for me and my busy work schedule.

Racquetball: I played exactly one match against Matt last week. Goal, check.

Stepmill: While I didn't quite meet the 10-mile goal again this last week, I did get closer. Progress over perfection!

Now, let's Meraki!

Obviously, something I throw a lot of me into on a regular basis is running. It's my time to meditate, relax, and do something worthwhile entirely on my own. But, I also find that it's a time to shine. To be out in the world and say, "Hey, I'm here babes! Doing work and keeping healthy!". I can't think of a better way to do that than to add a eye-catching something-something to your physical appearance, to wear fun things and make a statement as you whiz past people chatting at coffee houses and walking their dogs.

Who doesn't want to look good when they are getting their fitness on? Here's some pieces (for both women & men) that I would definitely do a double-take for on the sidewalk or at the gym ;)

Wicked Fast Runnah Tank - $30

Men's New Balance MR 890 Revlite Baddeley Rainbow - $160

Skreened Unisex Tank - $27.99

Colorful Braided Cotton Jersey Headband -  $29

American Apparel Unisex Tank - $20.99

free to be sports bra via Lululemon - $42

Beastmode Women's Razorback - $16

Stars 'n Stripes Headwrap - $8

And not that I'd ever wear these... but I'd sure high five the person who did!
Reflective shorts inspired by the movie Burlesque - $50

Personally, I love to spice up my workout outfits with a bright/funny tank top. What's your favorite pop item for your runs or at the gym? 

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