Dec 3, 2012

Back to Business

It's great to see ya here!

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty fantastic :) On Saturday, my roommate Monica and I got in a lovely run around our neighborhood, spruced up our townhouse for the holidays, and played outside in Centennial Park. The warm weather christmas decorating was a little strange for me, but hey, I'm not complaining!

Frosty the Fridge

As you can see, Frosty supports the Hoosiers as well (now 8-0 after Saturday's demolishing of Coppin State)!

Goal update:

Runner's Challenge: It's Day 12 and I'm still going strong! I'm planning on running a couple miles tonight and pairing it with a couple miles on the stepmill.

Racquetball: Last week I played exactly one match (huzzah!), but I definitely could have played for more :) Such a fun workout.

Stepmill: I didn't quite meet my 10-mile goal for last week and I think it's because I like to make running my workout focus. By the time I'm finished with a few miles of running it's really difficult to do more than a couple miles on the stepmill. This week, I'm going to just try and do a couple miles every time I'm at the gym. I think breaking it up into smaller pieces will make my goal more achievable.

Here's some motivation for your Monday wellness goals!

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