Nov 28, 2012


It's great to see ya here!

I'm still jazzed up about the Hoosier win against UNC last night! That 6th banner is knocking on our door!!

Switching gears, this time of year is seasonally slow at work so I'm finding myself with plenty of time to brainstorm workouts and grocery shopping lists. Yippee!

To start off the day my breakfast consisted of: a cup of green tea, one slice of wwwg toast with a spread of loveless cafe blackberry jam, and two juicy clementines. Simple and delicious.

Yesterday, I had to fit in my 1-mile run (Day 6 of Holiday Streak check!) during lunch time because I was invited to the SiriusXM album premiere party for Florida George Line (whisper scream!). I went with my friend Haley and afterwards we headed to our favorite Big10-friendly bar and watched Indiana basketball dominate. All-in-all, a fantastic evening. Here's a picture of us with Brian and Tyler. They were super nice, and SO talented! 

The plan for this evening is to do a mile of running plus another 30 minutes or so of cross-training on the stepmill. Gotta get those goals! Here's some motivation that really spoke to me this morning, I hope it helps you as well!

Right now, I'm really trying to build up more endurance on stair workouts. What goals are you working towards?

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