Nov 29, 2012

Rested Up

It's great to see ya here!

Isn't there a saying that goes something like "plans were made to be broken"? It would definitely fit my workout plans for last night. Yesterday afternoon, I got this throbbing headache after lunch and my head felt like it was filled with beeswax. Instead of pushing through it at the gym, I took the night off and stayed home cleaning the apartment (which now looks fantastic thank you very much).

For dinner last night I cooked up some spaghetti squash with roasted red pepper sauce and meatballs. It smelled so freaking good I forgot to snap a shot of it before devouring the entire bowl. No worries though, that's DEFINITELY a dish I'll be making again soon :)

Breakfast was a simple coffee cup scramble (but with ham instead of cheese & water instead of milk) and about a cup of blueberries (superfood!).

I'm feeling loads better today so tonight I'll tackle a couple miles of running and a good 3 miles on the stepmill. It was a little difficult not to feel discouraged when I couldn't keep my workout schedule yesterday, but I just had to remind myself that rest when you need it is something you should never feel upset about. I discovered these adorable words of widsom on typepad this morning to help drive that message home.

Rondaart journalRecharge

In general, I usually take 2ish days per week completely off to rest and recharge. How many days per week do y'all typically rest? What do you define as a "rest" day? Mine typically involve two fluffy creatures laying on top of me while I snuggle beneath a blanket gorging myself on Dexter and Homeland :)


  1. FYI - water makes fluffier scrambled eggs than milk. This is something I learned from Chef Bijoy.

  2. Good to know! Thank Chef Bijoy for me :)