Nov 30, 2012

Friday Favorites no. 1

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It's great to see ya here!

Here's my run-down of some of my favorite things from this week. Enjoy!

Favorite Recipe

Pea Masala via Glow Kitchen, a twist on my favorite Indian dish.

Favorite Workout Track

A super catchy and upbeat track off Jukebox the Ghost's new album.

Favorite Inspiration

via Back on Pointe tumblr

Favorite Laugh

What I walked in on the other night...

Favorite Etsy Find

Boots Boys Bourbon Racerback Tank
via TheGypsyFox
TGIF! For my workout tonight I'm gonna get in a run (day 9 of Holiday Streak challenge) and a cross-training session on the stepmill and then tomorrow morning I'm trying a new Mat Pilates class at the gym. So excited! How are you going to be healthier this weekend? I'd love to hear :)

Nov 29, 2012

Rested Up

It's great to see ya here!

Isn't there a saying that goes something like "plans were made to be broken"? It would definitely fit my workout plans for last night. Yesterday afternoon, I got this throbbing headache after lunch and my head felt like it was filled with beeswax. Instead of pushing through it at the gym, I took the night off and stayed home cleaning the apartment (which now looks fantastic thank you very much).

For dinner last night I cooked up some spaghetti squash with roasted red pepper sauce and meatballs. It smelled so freaking good I forgot to snap a shot of it before devouring the entire bowl. No worries though, that's DEFINITELY a dish I'll be making again soon :)

Breakfast was a simple coffee cup scramble (but with ham instead of cheese & water instead of milk) and about a cup of blueberries (superfood!).

I'm feeling loads better today so tonight I'll tackle a couple miles of running and a good 3 miles on the stepmill. It was a little difficult not to feel discouraged when I couldn't keep my workout schedule yesterday, but I just had to remind myself that rest when you need it is something you should never feel upset about. I discovered these adorable words of widsom on typepad this morning to help drive that message home.

Rondaart journalRecharge

In general, I usually take 2ish days per week completely off to rest and recharge. How many days per week do y'all typically rest? What do you define as a "rest" day? Mine typically involve two fluffy creatures laying on top of me while I snuggle beneath a blanket gorging myself on Dexter and Homeland :)

Nov 28, 2012


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It's great to see ya here!

I'm still jazzed up about the Hoosier win against UNC last night! That 6th banner is knocking on our door!!

Switching gears, this time of year is seasonally slow at work so I'm finding myself with plenty of time to brainstorm workouts and grocery shopping lists. Yippee!

To start off the day my breakfast consisted of: a cup of green tea, one slice of wwwg toast with a spread of loveless cafe blackberry jam, and two juicy clementines. Simple and delicious.

Yesterday, I had to fit in my 1-mile run (Day 6 of Holiday Streak check!) during lunch time because I was invited to the SiriusXM album premiere party for Florida George Line (whisper scream!). I went with my friend Haley and afterwards we headed to our favorite Big10-friendly bar and watched Indiana basketball dominate. All-in-all, a fantastic evening. Here's a picture of us with Brian and Tyler. They were super nice, and SO talented! 

The plan for this evening is to do a mile of running plus another 30 minutes or so of cross-training on the stepmill. Gotta get those goals! Here's some motivation that really spoke to me this morning, I hope it helps you as well!

Right now, I'm really trying to build up more endurance on stair workouts. What goals are you working towards?

Nov 27, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

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It's great to see ya!

Last night I had a great workout sesh at the gym with Matt. We duked it out for the best-of-3 sets on the  racquetball court, and even though he walloped me 2-1 (again), I fulfilled one of my weekly goals of the moment! After our match, I also got in 1.1 miles on the treadmill for day 5 of the runner's world holiday streak so it was a double-doozie evening of goal-achieving :)

For dinner we made a pasta mish-mash of sausage tortellini, arrabiata sauce, shrimp & peas. It was quite delicious, and made enough to also be my lunch today. I get to work at 6am every day, and almost as a rule, I won't have more than 15-20 minutes to spare for breakfast/snacks/lunch at a time. Having easily packable leftovers and prepping food beforehand seriously saves my life, and also forces me to eat healthier when normally I might give in to the convenience of a morning bagel or salty snack from a vending machine.

How do you make eating healthy more convenient? Any good tips on food or snack prep?

It's pretty rainy and grey in Nashville this morning, so here's some sunny motivation for your Tuesday!

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Jack's Mannequin - Rescued

Thanks for reading!

Nov 26, 2012

Hi Darlins'

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Great to see ya here!

Blogging is a brand-new adventure for me, and I'm beyond excited to start sharing my get-healthy motivation and experiences (and hopefully to spark some laughs in the process).

Anyone who knows me at all will tell you that I've made a lot of positive changes in my life recently, and I am plum-crazy for running and eating cleaner.

So Welcome! My purpose here is to make living healthy easier, not only for myself, but for you all as well. All feedback is definitely welcome. I know that not everyone has the same running-centric fitness tendencies, but it's still important to keep an upbeat and fun attitude towards your fitness goals, and that's exactly what I hope to help you with in my efforts to become a healthier and stronger me.

I think I should mention that I am NOT an expert on fitness or nutrition. I just love what I do and research accordingly. Please don't take my word for anything if you're puzzled or concerned, look it up for yourself! I just want to make healthier choices easier :)

I can't wait to get started!